WillPower Challenge


WillPower Challenge

We are excited to announce the WillPower challenge. This challenge is designed to to help you push through that mental and physical block so you create the active lifestyle you have been trying to get too. Whether it’s to get to the next level of fitness or possibly to get the lifestyle going. Your health and fitness should be a priority, but many just don’t know where to start or how to keep going. This challenge is meant to help you begin and carry well on after it.

During this 6 week challenge you will get:

  • Weekly guided training sessions,
  • 3 in person group workouts a week with our experienced coaches and 4 guided session on your own.
  • Complete access to our Train Heroic app. So you can have access to all the workouts and to track all of your progress and know where you stand.
  • Weekly seminars; “Meal Prepping” “Staying Consistent with Change” and more to encourage and fuel your fire for personal growth.
  • Access to a Personal Nutritionist and nutrition plan programming*
  • Access to a secret Facebook group to encourage and cheer each other on.
  • Gym membership to the McDermott Athletic Center.
  • Weekly personal check ins.
  • All WP Challengers will be given a punch card to track their progress.

The classes taken, workouts done on their own, and Seminars attended will be added up and taken into consideration for final weigh outs. Location: McDermott Athletic Center Group Classes will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 6:45pm Weighs ins: October 4th at 7pm Start date: October 7th 6:45pm End date/Weigh outs: November 15th at 6pm.

After Challenge Party: TBD There will be cash prizes for top 3 WillPower Challengers who attend all seminars, attend all group workouts, complete all personal workouts and show most changes towards their goals!

We are excited to be able to offer such a challenge to help encourage, motivate, and lead the people of our communities to their future!

*A certified nutritionist will be available at an additional cost for those who would like to take part in their discounted rates for this challenge.


For one hour, our trainers will whip you into shape as you circulate between cardio and strength training. Any given workout might consist of push-ups, squats, lunges, running, or jump roping, as the coach will spare no method in the quest for fitness.

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HUAFiT Will Power Challenge

6 Week Challenge



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