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About Us


Huafit Sports Training Coaching Mentor Motivation Performance Enhancement Willpower

HUAFiT was originally conceived in 2013 and featured Training For Warriors programming. The first location was set in a 3,000sqft facility within the Albuquerque Metro area. 

We closed in 2015 while Coach Duran fulfilled his duties as a New Mexico Air National Guardsman. 

We are excited to announce that we have reopened and will are located within the Mcdermott Athletic Center!

“HUA” in “HUAFiT” stands for; 

Heard, Understood, Acknowledge. This is a term normally used within the military branches.

Our Mission is to deliver a powerful, positive and motivating training experience to empower and develop our members.

Coach Duran

William Duran Parisi Personal Trainer Strength Conditioning Flexibility Performance Improvement

Coach William Duran has spent over a decade being dedicated, motivated and loyal to the Health and Fitness field. During this time he has become exceptionally knowledgeable as a Health and Fitness Director, with a superior proven track record, specializing in program(s), team(s), public relations/marketing and clientele development. Proficient in providing a positive personal training/coaching experience to over hundreds of individuals.   

Coach Duran also spent 6 years with the United States Air Force at different capacities and served overseas.

Parisi Speed School

Parisi Speed School New Mexico McDermott Athletic Center Coach Duran Sprinting Running Sports

Bill Parisi started the Parisi Speed School over 20 years ago with a van and very little start up. It has since flourished into an international program that has worked with over 750,000 kids between the ages of 7-18. The Parisi network has trained over 130 NFL Draft choices, as well as athletes in other major sports and the Olympics.

Coach Duran has worked with the Parisi Speed School since 2011. He is ecstatic to be able to bring the programming back to the communities of New Mexico and help positively influence the local youth through physical and mental training to help develop a strong foundation in health and wellness